Thursday, May 21, 2009


Welcome to the new addition of my blogging family! If you're gluten free and new to me, head on over to Gluten Hates Me for the full story. I started writing Gluten Hates Me a year ago, right after I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is an auto-immune disease that can only be treated by maintaining a gluten free life. It is NOT a fad diet. (Unfortunately!!) It is my life!

A month ago my main squeeze Parrish proposed. We hope to get married in either April or May of next year (2010), but we're still hunting for our perfect location before we set the date! -of course :) Planning a wedding can be hard, but when you add the gluten free element to the's down right difficult! I can't use (nor do I want to use) just any ol' vendor. Parrish and I are only in the early stages of planning, but we know that we want the wedding on a farm, a casually Southern theme, and there to be Cornhole at the reception!

I am a total DIY girl. PLUS I LOVE planning parties. Cross your finger that I don't end up cracking under the pressure of planning my wedding...or that my skin doesn't break out!!

Questions, comments, or wanna show me some love? Email me at marlowapril -at-

Also, if you're a gluten free bride to be (or wife!) or gluten free groom (or husband!), and would like to guest post on this blog, email me!


  1. This is so exciting!

    Congrats for the millionth time, yet I know how amazing & beautiful this is. Miss you both!

  2. I love your new focus, congratulations.
    As a Chef who catered her own wedding, I want to tell you it is so much fun! Just make sure that whoever you have as a server is at ease with your menu and your spirit.
    You will have an amazing wedding.
    Let me know if you want something specific for the wedding, I routinely convert gluten full to gluten free.

  3. Congratulations! I'm not an official celiac (as I've never had the test done), but I am gluten free. Even though I'm already married, it'll be interested to see how you pull off your gluten free wedding!