Monday, May 25, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Preliminary (we don’t even have a location set!!) color options. Not that finding a location isn’t fun…BUT planning colors and dresses is WAY more fun!!


(Photo Sources: The dress is from Old Navy. It’s a black eyelet. The green bouquet is from The Wildflower. The collage of milk glass and pink is from Bijou Kaleidoscope.)

I thought my decision was made. I was going to use black, white, and spring green as my colors. But then I saw this photo of the white and blue milk glass with the pink flowers. Decisions, decisions.

Parrish and I do know for certain that we want an outdoor wedding with a Southern Hospitality twist. I know that I am going to incorporate to milk glass and mason jars. I love the green…but the blue..and pink!!! So pretty. I think my bridesmaids would probably be happier with the blue, white, and pink. I didn’t get too much excitement about the green.

BUT I do love this dress for the bridesmaids. I want the dress to be under $50…possibly no more than $30. I want it to flatter everyone and be comfortable. I originally wanted this dress in Berry, but seeing as how there are NO sizes left that work I may need a miracle. Does Old Navy grant wishes?

Yeah, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow. Smile


  1. hey! so exciting that you're doing this blog! It will be great to have as a reminder... I can't believe my wedding is only about 3 months away - it went by so fast!!

    i think that old navy dress is adorable! definitely a flattering shape on everyone...

    also - don't forget, it you & parrish's wedding --- do what the two of you want to do, try not to get overwhelmed by others opinions -- that happened to me early on, so I ended up not asking opinions after a while, and just making decisions on my own! It's worked out much better!!

  2. Thanks Allie!! You should do a guest post!

  3. Exciting! BOTH dresses look great.. & I loved the blue pink cream thing, even with the black dress. If you are doing it outside you will have the green (especially if you are thinking April/May next year)... you ideally you would be having both.

    Just take sometime & think it over. Sleep on it. You have FANTASTIC taste & no matter what you chose its going to a monumentally spendid day of pure joy & happiness.

    Have you picked out your dress yet? Might want to see what you fall for then, finalize your pick on the bridesmaid dresses. That way you can have them compliment your dress (THE DRESS) instead of running the potential of falling for a full length gown & then the bridesmaid are all knee length or something!

    I'm still beaming just from the thought of all this! You rock lady, trust your gut. It YOU & PARRISH'S day....rock it out in a style all your own.

  4. hi! I wish I had done a bride blog -- but oh well!

    i agree with moongoddess -- you will definitely want to pick your dress first - i found that after I picked mine - a lot of other decisions fell into place based on the style I went with.

    It's so fun to go dress shopping too! you'll have a blast!

  5. Hi April, Wonder about Miracles at Old Navy? Don't forget that you have a direct connection to the top there! Chip! Can't wait until this wedding. Aunt Suzanne