Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time Capsule…for Love

Tonight I was browsing wedding websites looking for inspiration, and I noticed that on several websites they mentioned a “Love Letter and Wine Box” tradition. They literally had me at wine.

So this tradition may seem a bit un-romantic to some, but not to me. Parrish and I have always had a healthy relationship. We both accept that relationships are hard work, and we love each other enough to put in the time. I honestly think that our realistic approach to our relationship is why we work so well together. That’s why I love this tradition. It’s realistic…and practical.


So the tradition goes something like this. That all sounds nice, but it needs a little modernizing. So Parrish and I will write letters to each other a few weeks before our wedding. We’ll seal the letters and put them in a large box. Also in the box we’ll add a bottle of wine that ages well and a wine opener. I think we will include a CD of music. Parrish made a mix CD for me a little over a year ago that is by far the BEST mix of music. (I’ll post the playlist soon) The members of our wedding party can tack the nails in for us. I honestly think that only my close friends will get our humor. The box will not be opened on our 5 year wedding anniversary, but will instead be saved for a night when we may need it…or when we run out of wine! :)



  1. Oh my god I love it!
    My wedding is in A WEEK AND A HALF and I still don't have a guestbook idea, I might steal that and instead ask the guests to write us letters that we will open in 5 years, or something.

  2. I ADORE IT!!!

    Maybe add a copy of that great photo of you & Parrish relaxing on the hammock. You both look to peaceful & right with the world in that shot.

    <3 <3 <3